Ways to Earn Extra Income

Posted on 07/07/2008

Whether you're saving up for a summer getaway or you just need some cash to fill your tank, extra income is great. There are plenty of ways to fatten up your wallet beyond the normal nine to five. Here are a few ways to get a little extra cash.

Peruse Part-Time Jobs. This doesn't have to be painful. Check out Craigslist or your local newspaper's online listings. Look for something stress-free that feels less job-like. Perhaps there's something you've always wanted to try- Barista? Bread maker? Baby-sitter? Give it a shot.

Sell Some Stuff. While you're on Craigslist, go ahead and list some items you don't want anymore. This is a great way to clear out closets and get a little more organized while making some extra money. And there's always eBay.

Fill Out Surveys. Some people say this is a great way to earn some extra income or even gift cards to places you probably shop. A couple to check out are Your2Cents.com or MySurvey.com. If you find yourself wasting time on the Internet, why not get paid for it?

Start a Blog. This isn't a get-rich-quick idea, but if you're passionate about something and enjoy writing about it, you could make some extra income. There are lots of tutorials, books and resources out there about starting a money-making blog. Two to checkout are this one and this one.

Offer Services to Your Neighbors. Does it look like your neighbors need help? If their grass looks long or the weeds are overgrown, offer to take the burden for a small monthly fee. Yard work can be good exercise and a stress-reliever. Get the family to help.

Earn Money with Hobbies. Are you a crafty person? Try selling your items on Etsy. If you enjoy scrapbooking, sell your service to friends who have plenty of photographs, but lack the patience and skill. Maybe jewelry is your thing. Offer to make custom pieces for friends and family members.

Get a Roomie. Have an extra room to rent? Try finding a tenant. You'll earn a few hundred bucks a month and it'll be just like college all over again.

By Alison Storm

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