Five Daily Habits for Saving Money

Posted on 07/08/2008

Do your paychecks seem to get sucked up before you have a chance to sock any away in savings? It happens to the best of us. Saving money doesn't have to be difficult. There are simple steps you can put into your daily routine that will help you save money.

Check Your Account Balance
Reviewing your online bank account statement on a daily basis means you'll know when something looks fishy. Whether it's a $21 purchase at Ladies in Lace or $1500 plane tickets to Tahiti, you'll easily be able to recognize unauthorized purchases right away. It's also a good way to keep your own spending in check.

Make Your Own Coffee
Caffeine addicts need to become addicted to something else: making their own cup of joe. Tap into your inner-barista and learn to brew a bodacious shot of espresso. Making this a daily habit will save you big bucks over time.

Eat at Home
A $5 Subway meatball sub one day and a $7.99 Arby's meal the next really will add up. In just a week, eating at home or packing your lunch can save a minimum of $20.

Pay Cash
Reducing your dependency on credit is a good thing. If you can't pay cash, ask yourself if it's a purchase you really must make. Forcing yourself to pay cash means you're committing to living within your means. Withdraw just enough cash to take care of the necessities each week and keep those credit cards locked up.

Put Some in Savings
Make this easier on yourself by setting up an automatic process. If you have direct deposit, allocate a certain percentage or dollar amount of each pay check to go right into your savings account. Or try a something like Bank of America's Keep the Change program. Every time your debit card is used, the purchase is rounded up to the nearest whole dollar amount and the change is put into your savings. Chances are, you won't miss the money but you'll be making a habit of saving.

By Alison Storm

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Ellen S.

Posted on 05.15.10 at 10:54 PM

I think most people would agree that saving money is something “easier said than done”. Personally, I believe it’s a mind-set that needs to be developed by creating good money-saving habits.

Here are some things I’ve done to help change my spending habits:

- Cook more at home  Eating out is very expensive especially if you do it a couple times a week
- Try shopping online  You can find better deals than in the store and you save on gas
- Pay the full balance on credit cards each month  Interest charge is like giving away free money
- Don’t forget to pay yourself  Set up an online savings account (they pay higher interest than a normal savings account)
- Set a budget and goals  It’s good to have your goals written down so you see them everyday and don’t lose focus on your ultimate objectives

Again, saving money requires a lot of patience and hard work. However, you’ll thank yourself later on in life. Good luck everyone!! =)


Posted on 02.01.13 at 7:23 PM

Wedding ceremonies signify the union in between two individuals because they prepare to participate in sacred matrimony. Wedding ceremonies can be big, intricate occasions with multiple-tiered muffins and ornamental floral arrangements from wall structure to wall surface. On the flip side, they could be to planet rituals for the dearest of relatives and buddies. Whichever form of wedding you want, the tips in this article can help you get prepared for it.

Figure out your guests list before you decide to do anything whatsoever in addition. You should learn how several company you will possess prior to choosing a venue. Should you find the place first, you may not have enough space for everybody to commemorate your " special " working day. You wish to have approximately 30 square feet for every visitor that might be in attendance.

It is vital that the happy couple have some fun although at their wedding ceremony. You must know that this working day is perfect for festivity instead of for discomfort, regardless of whether every thing doesn't go exactly as organized it is essential to remain beneficial where you can excellent time. Don't let the little things arrive at you!

A good thing to the bride to be aware of with regards to marriage ceremonies is to make certain that your make-up integrates effectively. You want to make certain that you are unable to see any lines on the experience or throat because this will damage your images and make you appear uncomfortable to your big day.

Up to your wedding visitors may such as an available pub, don't springtime because of it whether it doesn't easily fit into your financial budget. Open up cafes will always be big hits at parties, but they aren't as entertaining for the particular person that has got to pay it off. Put together a listing of some well-liked combined drinks and have ample dark beer on ice-cubes for your company rather.

Your venue must not only assistance your visitor add up but moreover it will make you wish to get wed there. In case you have a dream or expect the design of the wedding, ensure your place fills up which need. By carrying out the appropriate analysis and committing a little bit of time, you may make an surroundings this is the basis of the wedding.

If you have a backyard wedding event, have a backup program. Many wedding parties have already been ruined by rainwater or other weather calamities. Use a fast alternative to an outdoor area, whether it be to get the ceremony in the wedding party hall or have camping tents set up in case. This may allow the wedding party to take place gladly no matter what the elements is performing.

Finding the excellent wedding party doesn't really need to be a goal. Even with a minimal price range, there are plenty of things you can do to have the most for your money. Take advantage of the ideas which were provided to you on this page to get a stunning wedding event as well as to enjoy the big day.


Posted on 02.02.13 at 9:58 PM

Have you been planning your " special " wedding ceremony? Do you want to take a number of the anxiety and stress from the approach? Who doesn't! On this page we are going to discuss some of the best guidelines from the professionals. Keep reading and learn to make your working day whatever you would like it to be.

Provided you can manage it, make an effort to take some dancing classes ahead of the wedding ceremony. Issues could get truly busy just before the event in fact it is great to experience a very little time set aside where one can take steps collectively. Plus, the dance instruction properly enable you to sense more comfortable on your wedding event.

If you want to come with an outside wedding event, which is great, nevertheless there is certainly a single caveat. Regardless of what the weather conditions predict is, whenever you possess an exterior celebration it is important that you have a backup program. Which means you should schedule your outside wedding inside the garden of a large home.

Commence preparation your wedding wedding service immediately. In this way you will possess lots of time to purchase around to find the best offers on plants, garments, locations, tunes, photography lovers, cakes, leisure, inventions, food catering, and many others., as an alternative to having to shell out a pricey price for what ever can be obtained last second.

It is actually good social manners to secure your wine glass with the originate instead of the pan therefore you don't heat up the water on the inside. It is recommended to use a window of wine open to you during your reception in order that you're entirely equipped anytime a person is able to toast you.

Only ask individuals to the wedding who subject to you. It isn't meant to be a show of wealth or status. This is a working day that you can share with a person you intend on investing your entire life with. Make your collection restricted to anybody who you would like to see from the photographs you'll be looking at all through your life.

Plan early on if you'd like to have a destination wedding party. You should reserve considerably in advance to make certain that each of the places you'll need to rent, from hotel rooms to marriage ceremony to wedding party, will be offered in the time you would like to use them. You must also review leasing cars beforehand, just in case.

Well done on so that it is this far. In case the preparing hasn't afraid you off of at this point, then you need to be prepared to consider this struggle. Your wedding will be your personal. Take the tips given in this article and then make your entire day all you want that it is and a lot more.


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If you're trying to program a wedding event as well as if you just need to grab that ideal wedding ceremony gift for the family members or friends, experiencing some ideas to assist you is a wonderful way to be sure that you make very good choices. Read this report for a few excellent wedding ceremony suggestions.

Keep the toasts simple and to the point. Long, rambling accounts about that time that you were in college and went on a lengthy streets trip jointly begin sweet but end up in yawns when they take very long. If you have a funny story to share with you, make sure that it really is less than three minutes very long.

With regards to marriage ceremonies, ensure that you do not beverage excessive in the wedding party. Even though this might appear to be common sense, it is also a typical oversight that can result in numerous years of embarrassment and shame. Make sure you make your ingesting under control particularly if are not utilized to alcohol.

When picking a videographer for your wedding, ensure you interview many prospects and request to see instances of her or his job. Ensure that you also keep in mind the grade of the audio and modifying your videographer supplies. It was once well-liked to acquire videos of the wedding event on VHS, but ensure you are getting a DVD or perhaps a electronic online video that you can enjoy for years. Make your choices based on the aspects mentioned in addition to your personal initially perception of numerous videographers.

Try to set up a very particular time to the beginning and end of your own wedding ceremony. Numerous church buildings reserve numerous wedding parties in the same day, and it could be horrible to get another wedding ceremony waiting around for your team to finish taking their photographs although offering you a filthy appear.

Instead of picking the original bridal shower, why not share with your mate and opt for a couple's shower area? Consider it an event it is possible to equally plan and revel in. You can create a theme and also have it be of your dinner or cocktail party. Also, make it coed.

The wedding service is a fundamental part of the wedding simply because this should represent each your character and the figure of the individual you might be marrying. This will help to individualize your wedding so that it is unforgettable and entertaining on the wedding event. Modify your wedding day for your best outcome.

Since you now have gathered some valuable insider details in to the wedding event planning and preparation process, you are sure to locate yourself far more well-informed and confident in your skill to give rise to make the big day anyone to bear in mind. Whether it is your very own wedding party or that of someone, you cherish, you may undoubtedly gain benefit from the assistance in this post.

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